Stop Bitching About “Deflate-Gate” Already
Take the “Coach’s Cleanse:” Three Easy Steps to Get Over Your Breakup
Rant of the Week: Walmart
Rant of the Week: Winter Break
Getting Old

8 Lessons I Learned as a Sportswriter


Here’s my article from last week’s issue of the Lorian, in which I pretend to be an expert in something that I’ve only been doing for a year. This would be like if someone who had been 21 for less than Continue reading

“Deflate-gate:” a Final Solution

Hitler football

I got into the office bright and early last Tuesday and sat down to write an editorial about the silliness surrounding the “Deflate-gate” scandal that ravaged the sports media world in the week leading up to the Super Bowl. Somehow, my Continue reading

5 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Anxiety


You’re reading the Daily Dose. Last Thursday, I decided that I was going to write one blog post every day, for the rest of eternity. I didn’t even last a week. Yesterday, when I sat down to write during my approximately thirty minutes of free time– Continue reading

Dick Jr. Joins Ballet


You’re reading the “Daily Dose,” which is just about the laziest fucking name I could’ve come up with for this segment. Is that how this site is going to work now? We’re just going to go with the first over-used Continue reading

My Clothes are Fucked


You’re reading the Daily Dose! Which is apparently becoming a Yahoo Answers thread where I ask you all questions because I don’t know how to be a functioning adult.   I’m PISSED. I did laundry the other day, and as you can see, I Continue reading

Why Do I Drink?


You’re reading the “Daily Dose.” Why? I don’t know. You’re the one who clicked on the link. I’m sure we’ve all asked ourselves this question after a vomit-flavored night of fuckery. But have you ever actually stopped to think about Continue reading

Mike had a Rough Valentine’s Day

Mike Valentine

You’re reading the “Daily Dose.” Today, Mike talks about his disappointing Valentine’s Day.  I try to be a nice guy, ya know? It’s Valentine’s Day, so I’m gonna take my girl out on the town, right? I get a sittah, I Continue reading

Why the Fuck Do My Shoes Smell?


You’re reading the “Daily Dose,” a new segment on Coach’s Rant in which I’m going to force myself to write a blog post every day, slowly begin to resent myself, and develop a debilitating addiction to methamphetamines. Did you enjoy Continue reading

Meet Dick, Father of Three

They have cameras on computers now? Well will ya look at that.

You’re reading “Daily Dose,” a chronicle of my descent into Multiple Personality Disorder. Today, we meet the newest member of the Coach’s Rant team: Dick Randleman, a proud father, a loyal husband and an even better writer! Whadda ya say, Dick?   Name: Continue reading

Meet Mike, Who Never Went to College

Mike (circa 2012) in his trademark blue wife-beater.

You’re reading the “Daily Dose,” a brand new segment on Coach’s Rant! From here on out (or until I get lazy), I’ll be publishing a short post each day. Some of these posts will be interesting. Others probably won’t BECAUSE THIS IS A LOT OF Continue reading